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Luxurious body butters made with love.

Welcome to Butter by Ali where we offer top quality organic luxurious body butters of all types! We believe in keeping skin moisturized all day with all natural products, with Butter by Ali you can literally feel nature on your skin, keeping you beautiful and moisturized. Since our butters are made to order you can be rest assured you’re receiving the freshest ingredients each and every time you order from us. Our butters come from the heart and are always made with love at Butter by Ali we believe the happiest skin is the healthiest skin!
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Butter by Ali’s humble beginnings...

How it all began

Butter by Ali is a black owned family business that began humbly and innocently as we began to look into skin care to match our family needs. We tried store bought body creams only to be faced with disappointment as we began to face skin irritation and breakouts. Determined to get the perfect skin cream for our skin we began researching what was the best natural products for skin. Upon creating the perfect solution we decided to launch a company sharing our products with the world! 
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